Testimonials - Mumbai Film City Tours

Mayur Garg

I visit film city to watch stars Coz in film city movies shooting happens So I visit there Place is good I had a good time there.


We enjoyed the bus tour of Film City premises at Goregaon. The guide Mr Pankaj was very well behaved and described all the nitty grities of film making.

Samrat Seth

It's a dramatic place and small hills all round. Inside there is a small Jungle along beautiful trail that leads to film studio.


I always wanted to visit this place.. you must visit this place... Your views on films will totally change after this... Lol

David Kulangara

I went on the two-hour Filmcity Tour (mumbaifilmcitytours.com). It was fun just getting a chance to see where the Bollywood films are made. It is mostly a bus tour, as the studio is spread out in a very large forested area -- I think they said it was about 500 acres. There are wild monkeys jumping in the trees. The bus takes you throughout the studio, and you see several live shooting sights. Also, the bus stops a few times along the way so that you can walk around. We were even allowed to walk around a live shooting site because the actors and crew were on a lunch break. The tour is conducted in Hindi, but the assistant tour guide sat next to me and interpreted the tour into English for me and a family from a southern part of India who did not speak Hindi. The assistant tour guide was very knowledgable and friendly. Unlike many tours where the visitors are from foreign countries, I was the only non-Indian on the entire bus. The studio is not close to most tourist destinations. The one-way trip from my hotel in Colaba to Filmcity took one hour and forty-five minutes -- so, if you're staying in Colaba you'll end up spending more than half a day on this one activity. If you're staying by the airport, the studio is much more accessible. Also, I went during monsoon season, which meant that outdoor filming activity was minimal compared to the rest of the year. Tip: Take Uber. The price for the one hour and forty-five minute trip, in an air-conditioned car, from Colaba to Filmcity was Rs 722, which is about $11.20 US. That price is much cheaper than what I could negotiate with a taxi cab.

Thapki Pyaar Ki

Absolutely fantastic. Visiting Dadasaheb Phalke Chitranagari was one of the first things to see in Mumbai for us (I was accompanied by my wife and daughter). Right from the moment we boarded the bus to the time we explored and returned, everything was perfect. The tour guide, Pankaj, was a wonderful host. Not only did he explain each and every set beautifully, but he let us watch the video of the history of Film City so that the journey became more enjoyable. The famous song from the film READY (Salman Khan starrer) Dhinka Chika was short right there. I couldn't believe that was the location because it was so different. Then there was the eternal Temple, court building (high court and supreme court), the suicide point (where the famous suicide scene from NO ENTRY was shot) all were so great. We also witnessed a live shooting of the popular daily soap.


You get know what's inside the screen. It was a nice experience where you can see sets of mayanagari being designed, standing and then finally getting demolished. We saw some famous sets of 'ye rishta', some quilas, court, church, it was exciting. Saw the institute of subhash Ghai- whisling woods standing in centre of Filmcity. Person interested in movies should visit definitely.

Afrin Suleman

I enjoyed the trip, if only to understand how the studios have evolved over time but it would've been nice if we were allowed to stop and watch a film shoot, even from behind the windows of the bus.